Cleanse Day 4 – Water as an Essential Nutrient


Today’s topic is one of the most obvious, yet widely overlooked factors in a healthy life.

Water is one of the most neglected sources of nourishment in standard diets. When I ask my people why that is, they usually say they prefer something with more flavor, or that they simply forget to drink water. Fill up a large glass and keep it  near you or on your desk – hydration is critical to proper health, and a crucial step to avoiding junk food binges.

When I ask people if  they drink enough water, the answer is usually “no.” We need water to balance our electrolytes and keep hunger cues in check. Exact water requirements vary widely among individuals – listen to your body and learn how much works for you.

If the taste of pure water really doesn’t appeal to you, try adding one of the following to jazz it up:tumblr_inline_n80bhhEJTz1qznaa6

  • lemon slices or a drop or lemon essential oil
  • grapefruit slices or a drop or grapefruit essential oil
  • strawberries, mint, lime slices  or lime essential oil
  • blueberries and basil
  • chia seed and pomegranate
  • grape slices

You’ll be making tantalizing infusions in no time, and won’t be able to resist! Although dressed-up water is better than none at all, it’s ideal if you can handle a good amount of the pure stuff every day. Save these fun treats for when you really tire of it!

Try to also start using a glass water container, especially when using essential oils or heated liquids to avoid unnecessary exposures to BPA’s.

If you’re interested in learning how to make nutritious, tasty beverages, I would love to share my recipes and tips with you! Contact me for a complimentary Health History consultation and become a master mixologist in no time.

Water and hydration are one of my most favorite topics. You will see more posts about this in the future.

The Water Cure

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