Cleanse Day 8 – Cleanse Your Career

What subtle changes have you made so far? I hope you’re starting to see the significance of minor food swaps and adjustments. Do you have a new favorite healthy snack?

Today, I want to focus on how your work affects your health.

I hope by now you understand why I am asking about your job within a junk food cleanse. You see, your career is a component of primary food, and like the others, plays a crucial role in your eating habits.

Think about it: you spend eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week at work. Chances are you spend more time with your coworkers than anyone else in your life. Many of us wear stress as a badge of honor, convinced that productivity requires endless turmoil.

A work environment that’s harmonious and supportive of a healthy work-life balance is achievable.

TRY THIS EXERCISETips-on-Improving-Your-Home-Office-Space-1

Visualizing what’s important or rewarding yourself with a non-food related treat is a great way to maximize productivity when deadlines are tight and your workload is heavy.

Try one of these stress relievers today:

  • Bring a picture of a loved one or your child’s art work to keep on your desk ate73d2b70fb39a1e002ed381799de4eebwork.
  • Brighten your space with fresh flowers and plants.
  • Keep a stash delicious healing teas as a treat.
  • Take five minutes each day to de-clutter your space – a clear desk promotes a clear mind.
  • Try a mid-day stretching exercise to aid circulation and promote relaxation.

Although the modern work world is challenging, it is filled with opportunities. Doing work you love is essential to creating a healthy, balanced life.


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