I’m humbled by each and everyone

March 16th, 2017


Thursday in Haiti.
My last day here was kind of chill but really busy. The sunrise was beautiful and so was the rain. I sat on the roof a couple different times.
I interviewed several of the MamaBaby Haiti staff and I’m humbled by each and everyone of them. I learned about their lives, their families, where they live and what they think we can do to make things better here at MamaBaby Haiti.
We had a transport today for a variety of compounding borderline complications and I learned a cesarean costs 15,000 gourdes and that doesn’t even include the medications.
They had special food made for us all day. Seafood soup with dumplings for lunch, we went to one of the student midwives birthday parties, and lasagne for dinner.
At dinner I learned that none of the midwives knew we were leaving tomorrow. They were disappointed. I have been so busy I didn’t communicate that. We all shared stories and well wishes around dinner.
Darren and I have waxing and waning belly aches over the last couple days. It’s a travel thing. I feel pukey.
There have been many labors and babies today.
Kim and Emily have been busy in the birth room.
I need to pack now.
I have more interviews in the morning.
I’m not ready to leave.
I’m also struggling to put today into words.
I’m tired and not feeling great.


You know I didn’t go to as many births as you might think I would have in Haiti this time, although there were many. My mind and my plate so to speak was filled with so many other things. My goal was to get to know the staff and understand the ins and outs of MamaBaby Haiti the best I could. I feel like I did that. I feel proud that I did that. I feel more connected and ready to move into the next phase with them. Tonight I expressed that we are all on a team and how much I love, respect and trust them. I meant it.

Now I’m going to sleep to the sound of women downstairs giving birth at MamaBaby Haiti.


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