We left Haiti today

March 17th, 2017


We left Haiti today. Oh man my belly. Wow!!! I took oregano and digestzen in a capsule. It was like the best combination ever for the Haiti belly woes.
There were births all night. A mommy hugged my so tight in labor I almost fell down. I had to leave her birth to pack and have meetings all morning with our staff. I met with our transport driver Alex, our two cervical cancer screening nurses and a future midwifery student. In all of my meeting I missed meeting with our midwife Miss Aloude. We met many times, did birth and saw each other daily. It just didn’t happen. She was in the midst of a birth storm. There was baby after baby after baby all night in the big rainstorm. I will do an online meeting with her from home. The mama I left birthed a beautiful baby girl quickly who had two teeth. Imagine that, two teeth.
It was time to leave all of the sudden and I tried to run and give hugs and kisses but I did not make it to everyone. This makes me sad but gives a reason to return. Please know I didn’t mean to leave without goodbyes. I didn’t want to miss my plane.
I’m sending love to all my Haitian friends, love to my other friends there and so much love to Haiti. This was the best trip ever. I am so happy to be part of the incredible team at MamaBaby Haiti. I’ll be back before you know it with a good bit of Creole under my belt just as I promised.
Thank you Claudin for taking such good care of everyone’s needs including ours while we were there.
Now I’m having a drink and meal stateside. Emily is enjoying a salad. I can’t believe how quickly that happened.


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