humming a song

March 4th, 2017

22I just attended another sweet first time mom birth this morning. She arrived at 5cm. Three hours later she had a sweet boy (gason) in her arms. During her labor she used the birthing stool. I rubbed her back. I massaged her feet and rubbed her belly with some beautiful dōTERRA oils. It’s just my thing. The scent of lavender and clary sage filled the room. She held me so tight while we swayed side to side. At one point I thought she might break my neck. What a way for a midwife to go. I let those thoughts go and started humming a song and we just swayed. At one point near the end I had some decels. I just don’t like them but especially with a communication barrier. Most women carry a higher blood pressure here so there are just more things to think about with decels and placentas. So I got her onto her hands and knees, encouraged deep breaths and shook her hips a bit. The heart rate recovered perfectly. Two more pushes and out came the most handsome little baby boy. Nuchal cord X1 and some impressive acynclyic moulding on his cute little curly head. Mama was a little shocked by the birth. It was quick when it really started to happen. It was all and all a perfect birth. No complications, no perineal damage, 9/10/10 apgars and a baby nursing within 15 minutes of birth.

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