Carmelle came and spoke to the women about International Women’s Day


March 8th, 2017

155Today was a full day.
I’m not even sure all the things I may have done. Let’s see.
We woke to learn we missed a birth in the night. We did not respond when the other midwives knocked on the door. Clearly we are exhausted. The birth was complicated but all in all everyone was fine. Nuchal cord x3 plus meconium. Our midwives are so skilled. They resuscitated the baby perfectly.
I had a quick breakfast and a cold shower and got ready for the day.
Today was baby vaccination clinic. The lobby was filled with mommies and babies. What a sight to see. There’s also a woman in the driveway that cooks egg sandwiches for the women to buy if they want. Carmelle came and spoke to the women about International Women’s Day. I cried. It was beautiful and I felt so proud to be in this beautiful space that we had dreamt of for years now a reality.
The twist of the morning is the vaccine clinic was cancelled by higher ups. They said all the women would need to go to another town for a clinic tomorrow in Bethesda. What a drag!!! So we brought baby packs that we brought down for all the babies. They had diapers and outfits that were donated. Thank you to all the donors and thank you Shellie and Stephanie for packing them up. The mommies were so happy.

My mommy with the hgb of 6 came back today and she and baby looked great. You would never know how anemic she was. We had a funny moment because she opened her baby pack up and it was a big pair of silky panties that Carrie had donated for the mommies here. She kept saying they were mine and I said they were hers. All the women laughed and got involved. That’s how life goes when you attend births. Regardless of language we become bffs and can smile, laugh and joke around.
Emily and I washed our clothes today by hand. I always loved that. Then we hung them on the line to dry.

After laundry, lunch (okra yum) and clinic the baby born in the night was still not nursing so I was going to go do a home visit. By the time we left 30 minutes later the family had decided to take the baby to the hospital. So, we met them at the hospital in Milot. My assessment was baby was fine. I put a tiny bit of date on my finger and she sucked strong with intent. Regardless, the hospital decided to keep her overnight for an IV and likely O2 based on the story of her having meconium. That was that. I agreed to go to the mamas house tomorrow after they leave the hospital and help with breastfeeding. I feel good about this baby. It’ll work itself out and Emily and I will go help support.

After we left the hospital we went to look at a potential new piece of land and a house for MamaBaby Haiti. The property is big. The house needs work though but it can build up. I’m contemplative of this tonight.
Two Island dogs chased us out the gate and I screamed and ran and slammed the gate. The children all laughed.
We came back to the house Emily has been learning language fast and kept working on it. Money on the other hand is difficult. We start with and American dollar, exchange to Haitian Gourdes and then discuss prices in Haitian dollars which don’t exist. So she tried to buy 4 tiny cookies for 100 gourdes because they wanted 1 Haitian dollar. But we still don’t really understand. Regardless, we both got cookies.
I met the midwifery students tonight. They were shy with me. I introduced myself though and let them know to left me know if they need anything. I’m excited for them.
I also did an early evening prenatal on a mommy who had come from very far away. We typically do prenatals earlier in the day. She was perfect, so was baby.
There will be babies in the night. They come every night. So we’re going to rest up for that. The midwives know to holler to wake us up now. 😉

Oh and the 2 roosters we’ll eat live in the yard and actually do say cockadoodledoo. They actually say it. It’s the weirdest thing ever!


We are so happy!


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