Haitian peanut butter

March 10th, 2017

Last night we went into Cap Haitien to find a store. We had such a good time. I found Haitian peanut butter which is one of my favorite things on the planet. The store was down through all these crazy alleys. I said this reminds me of Venice Beach. Emily and I are both from Southern California so she knew what I meant. Then we popped out of an alley and there we were at the ocean.
It was kind of awesome.
This early morning I started with a beautiful birth to a 6lbs baby boy. He was birthed on the birthing stool. I love the type of midwifery that we provide here at MamaBaby Haiti. It’s so sweet and so gentle. The midwives here are just amazing.
As the morning progressed Emily went and helped with the family planning clinic.
She attended a couple more births throughout the day with the MBH midwives the last with a group of first year nursing students from Liberty. They will be with us for the week during the day.
Darren also flew in today. I ended up with more art at the airport. I met a cute Haitian Hippie artist. He was so Hippie he even had a Whole Foods shirt on. He offered to come paint pictures of me working. So sweet I just thanked him bought one of his paintings and moved on.
Then Darren, Claudin and I went straight to the public market. Little girls were telling Darren that they loved him and giggling. It was cute. The market is huge!!! There are vegetable, fruits, beans, rice, fish and meat everywhere.
Darren and Claudin have been working on the Solar system here. It has some issues that they are trying to work out.
It’s been another good day.
I feel really connected the the staff here at MamaBaby Haiti. They are just so inspiring. The way they all live and work together is just beautiful. I love it.
Monise helped me with my laundry today. She is our housekeeper. She’s been here since the early days of MBH. She works so hard. I appreciate her help today as this is by no means an expectation of her. It was very kind.
Tonight we should have more babies, the moon looks full.❤️

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