he cried out

March 12th, 2017

Today is Sunday morning. I’ve been awake well before the sun. After a morning of yoga and coffee on the rooftop at sunrise Darren and I made a beautiful breakfast. The chat hung out with us because all the little chat’s love Darren. Speaking of breakfast, I need to clean the kitchen. We all ate and enjoyed our morning.
Emily and I in our bathing suits and beach clothes ready to go to the beach. Then I’m told there is a mama outside that had a baby. Emily and I, along with midwife Kim who just arrived from Colorado ran to the gate. Down the street I see a crowd of men and boys around a women on the ground with and old grandma sitting next to her. We ran down the road with gloves on, baby blankets, pitocin and cord scissors.
Baby lay on the side walk sleeping tangled in his cord. I touched him to make sure he was alive and he cried out. I then untangled him. There was blood all over the porch, a normal amount but still shocking to see. I clamped and cut the cord, wrapped him up and handed him to Emily. Then a shot of pitocin was administered and I delivered the placenta. They brought the tap tap down the road and we helped the mama into the back. Emily walked the baby back to our birth center. When a birth is quick and on the side of the road you don’t know things about the people you are running to help. What we learned and a fact here in Haiti is that HIV and Syphilis are a reality for many people.
Honor your use of universal precautions. They have a purpose. Darren then walked down the road to bleach the porch where baby was born. This was this mamas first boy after two girls. He was perfect on every way with his pouty little bottom lip.
This is Haiti.

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