It was a long and crazy day

March 13th, 2017

Monday in Haiti started with Darren and Claudin working a little on statistics upstairs and with prenatal clinic, education, a man spoke about labs offered outside MamaBaby and we had our HIV and syphilis testing clinic downstairs. The place was so packed people were everywhere even outside looking in through the doors and windows.
Darren and I went into Cap Haitien with some our of MBH staff, Claudin and Rose. We had to deal with errands, like picking up IV fluids, and paying bills and that kind of stuff, the expensive stuff. We were so busy for hours.
We also went into the market again to buy more kitchen supplies like big knives, forks, pans and food covers.
While at the market I did go into the Voodoo section of the market. I just wandered around looking at things. There were potions, candles, scarves, and art just to mention a few things. Haiti has a very rich culture and although it may make some people I know uncomfortable to hear this is a very big part of that rich culture. It was fascinating and I could definitely feel an energy shift when I entered the area.
After we left the market we ran more errands and had some amazing street food. Again, I know I keep saying it, Haitian food is amazing!!!
We went to different market areas in different markets to look for bowls to eat out of. That was a big challenge. It’s not like the US you can’t just run to some big box store for things. I want to say volunteers brings bowls and leave them. Then again I want to say come here and buy the things our clinic needs at the Haitian street markets. It seems to be a much better way to support the people.
I also thought deeply about the history of Haiti. The buildings mostly old French design. There is to pretty cool old architecture. These buildings, these doors, these walkways all tell some pretty big stories. I was imagining those stories today.
Haitians are a strong, proud, kind people. I imagine from a very young age many people here are taught to take pride it their powerful history. I’m just thoughtful today, very thoughtful.

Emily and Kim attended a lovely birth with a couple of students from Liberty who are also here for the week helping out.

This week is going to be so busy.


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