The mountains just seemed to be never ending

March 7th, 2017

Well I’ve been in Haiti for about 5 days. It’s been a very full few days at this point. This morning we awoke at Beth’s house in PAP had coffee and headed out. Traffic wasn’t terrible but there was still plenty.
We ate breakfast at the bus station. I need to say again that I love Haitian food. It’s so good.
Our bus left at 9am. A typical 6 hour trip took 8 hours. We were rerouted due to some rioting near PAP.
I feel like we have now seen most of Haiti. We haven’t but it feels like maybe we have. So many different and beautiful ecosystems.
The people of Haiti are also amazingly beautiful. Their skin glows. This must be the gift of the right amount of Vitamin D. They also have the best smiles.
We saw some accidents today as we traveled over the mountains. The roads often dirt and occasionally paved or bricked. They are narrow and there are several switchbacks. People travel faster than you imagine and brake more often than I’m used to. The horns are honking constantly to say “hello, here I come”.
The first accident was a Coca Cola semi on its side. All the bottles broken. It seemed everyone was ok, but it was a bad accident. The next was a small vegetable truck. Old women were collecting all of the vegetables and putting them back into bags. The third was a motorcycle accident. There were three men on one bike with a car windshield. They took the corner to sharp or something and side slid and the windshield broke. They all seemed to be ok too.
We also traveled through many markets and saw many children going to and fro schools in their uniforms, as well as a traditional funeral
procession. It was led by slow walking people playing horns, family, a casket, wailing women and giggling children. I have seen this before in Haiti. As a gatekeeper to life and death I am always fascinated by the lives the dead must have lived. The Haitian funeral procession is a powerful thing to witness. So much feeling.
The ride back from Port Au Prince gave a clear visual of Haiti having mountains beyond mountains. You can see people all over this beautiful country smiling and laughing and others maybe even the same suffering. The mountains just seemed to be never ending.
Haiti is a special place. It continues to have my heart.
We’re back at the birth center. I went up to the roof for a view.
I’m going to go downstairs now and see what’s happening in the birthing center.

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