There you have it, we traveled across Haiti

March 5th, 2017

Tonight we are settling into bed at my friend Beth’s
home in Port Au Prince. She is hosting our group of three from MamaBaby Haiti for the next couple of nights. Tomorrow we will attend the Senpozyòm 2017 Sant Nesans Ayiti yo / 2017 Haiti Birth Center Symposium. Claudin our house manager at MBH will be speaking as well as representatives from several birth centers the country. I will also be there as MamaBaby Haiti board member representative as well as being a “correspondent” (it was a self appointed title but Jan agreed) for Midwifery Today and I’ll be writing an article about the experience. I can’t wait to find out what a midwifery conference in Haiti is really like. We’ll head off to that early in the morning.
How did we get to Port Au Prince from Cap Haitian? We took or tap-tap over to the bus station and then took a bus called San-Sousi for 900 Gdes. We left at 9:00am. This was an amazing way to see Haiti. There were only a few near death experiences and that ride over the mountains beyond mountains is quite impressive. One was us battling a gas tanker truck for the road. We both made it amazingly enough.
We stopped midway and had a lunch of chicken and fried plantains. Haitian food is so good.
At one point Emily and I felt lost and wanted to know where we were on the island. Since we didn’t have internet service I texted a couple of people asking for a map of Haiti because we wanted to know where we were. I continue to give sweet Tierra heart attacks that somehow her preceptor is going to drop off the planet. Thank you Tierra and Echo
for sending maps. We figured out that we were near St. Marc. The ocean was just spectacular, so aqua marine and turquoise.
We pulled into Port Au Prince a little after 3:00. It was a 6 hour bus trip.
Beth picked us up and gave us a tour of the Heartline Ministries maternity clinic and birthing center. I haven’t been back to their home and maternity clinic since March of 2010 right after the earthquake. It’s a trip to see the place. A lot of memories flooded back to me. It was really amazing to share this experience with Emily and Claudin. Jon came home and showed us the tilapia ponds here. Seriously what a cool place and seriously cool and inspirational people.
There you have it, we traveled across Haiti and we’re staying with an old friend. We share this sisterhood of midwifery and service. Today is a true blessing for all of us. It is so special to have time to share our stories and see how we can help better women and babies lives in the world.
Oh and we found the mosquitos. They live in Port Au Prince. We smell so amazing right now covered in bug spray.


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