This place we’ve created is very special


March 4th, 2017

This morning I woke up hot after a sweaty night under the bug net. I felt as if I had a hangover. Long travel is just hard no matter how good it is. After the sweet birth I attended last night I fell asleep. I was on-call so to speak. I must have been so tired I didn’t hear the bell at the gate. The MamaBaby midwives helped another mommy last night. She was having eclampic seizures. She was 4cm dilated. They gave her IV magnesium and took her to the hospital. The seizures stopped. Baby was still doing well. She’ll likely have her baby today.
Carmelle says this is hard for her to see. She loves the mommies and babies so much. She has a true midwife heart.
She went on the tell me how mommies beg to stay when we transport. The hospital costs money and turns people away. She said they cry please please don’t take me. Clearly, at times that is what needs to happen.
Our beautiful midwife went on to tell me she wished MamaBaby could open a whole hospital to care for everyone the way we do. She said people have no money to pay and they love MamaBaby.
I at that moment felt like I was going to burst into tears. This place we’ve created is very special. This place we’ve created is essential. This place we have created is full of love. I have to wonder in 5 more years what will this look like? A lot has happened in the first 6 1/2 years.

They also blessed me with breakfast and coffee on the beautiful Haiti morning. These women are amazing!!!


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