Today was for them

March 12th, 2017

Sunday afternoon we went on trip to a beach past Labadee beach. We took the MamaBaby Haiti midwives, some staff and some family on an R&R day. We had an amazing day full of smiles, laughter and so much relaxation. We traveled by van over a mountain on the other side of Cap Haitien. The scenery was beautiful. It was true Haiti. When we arrived at the beach we had several people following our van. They were all captains and the wanted us to go on their boat. We chose a captain, the Rasta. We then got on the little Haitian motorboat and went to a private beach called Belly Beach. There were less than 20 people there. The day was glorious.
The midwives and staff and MamaBaby Haiti work so unbelievably hard everyday bettering other people’s lives. Today was for them. I have so much respect and love for these amazing people.

Mèsi anpil ❤️

Visit Haiti. Seriously this place is amazing in so many ways.


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