Well, I’ve arrived at MamaBaby Haiti

March 3rd, 2017

Well, I’ve arrived at MamaBaby Haiti. I made it through customs mostly unscathed. That’s always an adventure.
Claudin was waiting for me. He said oh you smell like dōTERRA. I had to laugh. Why yes, yes I do. It’s Peace oil which I’ve been using during my travels. Travel can be stressful. A couple of guys helped me carry the 4 giant bags I brought. We drove through Cap-Haïtien and it was busy busy busy. Claudin gave me a tour and introduced me to all of our midwives. When I went up onto the rooftop I saw the solar panels we had installed. This happened due to a dōTERRA member fundraiser and dōTERRA matching those funds as well as other donors. We have power. This means no births in the dark. It’s really an amazing thing. So if you wonder, this is one of the reasons I believe in and support this company. They support us here at MamaBaby Haiti. The amazing people here also had a beautiful and delicious meal waiting for me. I love Haitian food. I am so thankful to be here. I am exhausted however after 24 hours of travel. I think I’ll go outside in the porch and take a nap. It’s hot hot hot here. There are several people outside singing beautifully. No births currently. God speaks to me here. I love it.

#midwifelife #haiti #mamababyhaiti #doterra

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