Reflecting on a journey of firsts

I gave birth to my first son in 1995. It was a life changing experience. It literally changed my life and my direction. I left knowing I wanted nothing more than to be a midwife. Within 6 months I was studying midwifery. Time passed and I learned many things. I studied, I took classes, I taught classes. For several years I worked at McKenzie Midwifery as the office coordinator and childbirth educator. I taught a class called Bistro Babies that I basically inherited  from another midwife. It was a fun class that I taught over 4 weeks. I taught a lot about waterbirth. I worked at one of the first hospitals to provide waterbirth in the US.  I can’t say what hospital was the first but I know it was the early days.  At that time waterbirth with homebirth midwives was often done with Rubbermaid horse troughs. I’m sure there are still midwives using those tubs but for many of us that helps to date it. Waterbirth is my passion. It always has been. I have never had a waterbirth but I have attended hundreds upon hundred of them in an out of the hospital.

As a childbirth educator all those years ago I used to use the Andaluz “Born In Water” video to teach. I had never been to Andaluz but the video was pretty much the only thing we had to teach with. With that, Andaluz had some superstar status in my brain.


As the years passed I became a midwife and in some organic way I ultimately became a midwife at Andaluz Waterbirth Center. It was totally unplanned and something I never could have imagined. Today I sat in the Lavender Room at the first Andaluz and I reflected on just that. My history of working in one of the first waterbirth hospitals in this country to my current life of working at one of the countries first freestanding waterbirth centers has been quite a journey. I have been here for over 5 years now.  I am proud of the path I have taken–all the twists and turns and the diverse experiences that I have had. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Andaluz Waterbirth Center, Lavender Room

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