how we celebrated International Day of the Midwife

This week on May 5th we celebrated International Day of the Midwife.  This is a day that we celebrate the sisterhood of midwives around the world.  For us at Andaluz we had a staff meeting and spent the day together. We talked about so many things that effect our day to day life as midwives, plans for the future as well as doing emergency drills.  We all separated into groups, scenarios were read and we practiced neonatal resuscitation using an Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) at this meeting. Over the years techniques and guidelines change and currently this is what is being taught.  We like to stay current and up to date on recommendations.

LMAs are interesting to use. They are a device that go down into the babies mouth to cover the airway to ensure appropriate ventilation. Will every baby need this?  No!  This is a devise used for extended resuscitation efforts which thank goodness we don’t see very often. Most babies breathe on their own without any complication, few will need a few breaths to inflate their lungs as babies are respiratory driven and a very very very small amount will ever need extended resuscitation efforts. Regardless, it is a skill we are all working to get more comfortable with if ever needed.  At our meetings we practice on our creepy little resuscitation dolls.

I love being a midwife at Andaluz. I love being a team.  We all work so well together and we all work to ensure our students get a great education as well. We include our students, who attend a variety of midwifery schools,  in most of our educational drills as well as try to set up times for them to practice and discuss situations at other times.  Our goal with our students at Andaluz is that most of them will attend 100 births before they leave their time with us. There is something, that many of us say, happens at 100 births that makes you feel like more of a midwife.  It’s fun to watch them grow and change over those 100 births.

So this was how we celebrated International Day of the Midwife this year. We were just a bunch of midwives doing midwife things.


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