a busy morning

This morning became a wild ride out of no where. I woke up, made my son lunch, took my daughter to school (my battery was dead) and then quickly needed to send some records over to the hospital. I was scrambling to keep everything going in a positive direction. Darren charged my car up and I got my fax issues resolved, showered and rushed out the door.  My first appointment cancelled. There is some pukey bug going around that every one is getting.  As I arrived at the birth cottage I unpacked my home birth kit, blew dried my hair and made a lovely little breakfast and took my dōTERRA vitamins and probiotics. I forgot my phone charger at home. Thank God for Darren. He just showed up with it to save the day with a phone charger.  I feel like a whole day has already passed.

Envisioning a much more mellow day from here on out. We’ll see.

Breakfast: Bob’s Redmill oats with almonds, coconut, a chia blend and almond milk. breakfast

I flippin despise ants.
Today I made a serious little EO ant spray after I found the little pests in my bed. 😳😖😡
15 drops peppermint
15 drops clove
15 drops melaleuca
15 drops wild orange
1/4 cup vodka
In a 16 oz glass bottle
Filled the remainder with water.