putting our work before our family

Midwifery is a unique lifestyle. I would say more of us than not have been faced with putting our work before our family. Over the many years I have countless examples from missing holidays, birthdays, school events and medical emergencies.  I think we all struggle to find the balance as we want to provide the very best care to the families we serve.  I have heard so many midwives talk about this.

I feel my current life provides more support and balance. I work at Andaluz Waterbirth Center and we all get a more than fair amount of time off to be with our families, to travel and to turn off our cell phones. Regardless, when emergencies arise we do have to consider, “Do I stay or do I go?”. Today I had one of those emergencies.

At about 1030am I got a message that my son had an accident. His foot had been run over by a tractor, a flipping tractor! I was sitting in an appointment and I was very worried. I chose to make the decision to leave my appointment in Portland and go to my son. I work with an amazing team of midwives and staff so my day was well covered thank goodness. I was so worried that I got lost on the way to the hospital which is next to my house but about an hour from the Portland Birth Center. How did I get lost?  I was so worried. Ultimately,  he was OK and his foot was not broken. How can that be? A tractor ran over his foot and it was not broken. Honestly, it was just a bit swollen. He’s in a lot of pain but it’s not broken. Praise the Lord.

After we left the hospital I was still a little worked up so I went home and did some “Earthing”.  The term cracks me up.  Standing barefoot in my yard made a world of difference. I even tried to mow my lawn with our manual push mower. The grass was too long though and it was a little ridiculous. So we have a couple stripes in the yard.

There were also some things that happened today that made me wish the world was a kinder place.   The internet gives people such a vicious voice and I witnessed a friend get blasted online for her kindness and humanity for all people in my community. It bothered me and made me realize yet again that not all people love one another or think just like me. Some people are full of a kind of hate that I just don’t understand.  I will keep hoping that the world changes and I will remember that my role is to provide babies with as gentle a birth possible into loving arms. It is my hope that over time this truly will make a difference.