Craniosacral Therapy for Infants

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What is Cransiosacral Therapy for Infants

14249700_10153657210436612_7539309845609543505_oCraniosacral therapy is a wonderful and gentle bodywork modality for infants, babies and children. It promotes health, as well as minimizing or eliminating the effects of birth trauma. Craniosacral therapy is performed with the baby or child wearing comfortable clothing, while the practitioner uses light touch that is soothing and relaxing. Babies enjoy craniosacral therapy. Sessions for babies are usually 15 –45 minutes long and can even be performed with the baby in the parent’s arms.

Newborns benefit profoundly from craniosacral therapy because of the intense pressures on the cranium and body during the short, but dramatic passage from the womb to first breath. Craniosacral bodywork for infants in the early postpartum period can prevent numerous breastfeeding challenges by enhancing their tongue thrust, sucking reflex and latch. Babies born by cesarean or instrument delivery are especially in need of craniosacral therapy to ease the unnatural forces that their bodies experienced in birth.

This natural relief from tension is easily done through the craniosacral practitioner’s loving touch. Craniosacral therapy gently facilitates the release of restrictions in the myofascial tissues surrounding the tongue, facial bones, cranial bones, cranial nerves, sacrum and more, thus encouraging the increase in vitality and coherence of the craniosacral rhythm.

To the observer, the therapist may appear to be “doing nothing” during a craniosacral session, because he or she is just gently contacting various parts of the body with a light touch. However, this conscious touch is specifically palpating the inherent breath of life within the body and its resonance throughout the fluid dynamics, tissues and bones. This conscious relationship with the recipient’s inner healer allows a profound release of tension that occurs as a result of the light touch.

This bodywork assists babies in releasing restrictive patterns in the body before they become issues later in life, thus preventing future disease and dysfunction. Craniosacral therapy is extremely valuable for a baby who experienced a challenging labor and birth or is experiencing health issues. A spectrum of breastfeeding challenges can be treated with craniosacral bodywork including poor latch, reflux, colic, unwillingness to nurse or even painful nipples in mom.

Further reasons to treat a child include: middle ear infections, headaches, learning disabilities, trauma, autism, ADHD, difficult mobility, developmental delays, behavioral changes, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, genetic disorders, neurological conditions, torticollis, hearing problems, disease prevention, promotion of well-being and more.

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